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Marketing Automation Research & Implementation

Marketing automation systems allow you to create highly targeted campaigns to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. The majority of new leads are not ready to immediately buy but harnessing the power of a best-in-breed content marketing program allows you to nurture and engage leads, turning them into sales.

A marketing automation platform will:

  • Nurture leads who aren’t yet ready to buy
  • Prevent leads from falling through the cracks
  • Score leads to ensure quality leads are being funneled to sales so that sales conversations are as productive as possible
  • Measure what is/is not working

We have experience in all aspects of marketing automation implementation with multiple systems. We can help you:


  1. Select the marketing automation platform that is the best fit for you
  2. Integrate your new marketing automation platform with your CRM
  3. Create an implementation plan
  4. Identify initial database segmentation
  5. Develop effective copy
  6. Build quick-launch campaigns
  7. Define lead scoring parameters

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